What we do

Community Empowerment Support Organisation (CESO) is an outreach organisation using community development to further our aims and objectives. We invest in communities to enable them to meet their potential. Our experience of working with communities and community-based organisations have equipped us with invaluable tools to strengthen communities.


Our Values and Purpose


We aim to empower communities so that they:

  • Believe in themselves and the ability to create a successful life
  • Ascertain and use their best, skills, qualities and assets to their benefit
  • Encourage mutual learning, and skills sharing to increase their productivity and success
  • create or maintain sustainability

We do this through the following objectives:

  • To raise educational standards
  • To promote health education for everyone in the community
  • To promote community development for the benefit of local people
  • To promote opportunities for the community to mitigate the impact of poverty and exploitation
  • To teach, aid and encourage entrepreneurship 



The Founder

Rita lives in London and is actively involved in her local, Silwood Community, serving as the volunteer community engagement officer of her local church, Rita supports both the church and the community to work together in building a thriving community.

Rita set up a Friends of Silwood Community Group so that practitioners with the same values and principles of community development work together to bring about change. Rita also works with schools, colleges, universities and community based organisations in the UK, Sierra Leone, and other countries where her expertise is needed.  Rita has accompanied staff and students from various educational establishments to work on community projects in Sierra Leone.  The students benefit by using the projects as case studies. Rita's ethos is "Be the change you want to see."