We engage, educate and empower.
We engage, educate and empower.

Marimbo Women

The Marimbo Women's Group have voluntarily supported the Ivor Leigh Memorial School in many ways since its inception, helping with food days and many other school events. They live in a very challenging environment, where, although there are possibilities for income generation, they need some startup help. CESO would like to support them through a Micro Finance project.

The project will provide a loan of £75 each to 20 of the women, who will use the money to set up their own small businesses, making soap, dying and making traditional clothing, or producing and selling food. When the business is running successfully and they are able to repay their loans, more women will be brought into the scheme.

We have set up a specific campaign on Just Giving for this project. If you would like to support the Marimbo women, please use this link