We engage, educate and empower.
We engage, educate and empower.

Past Projects

Water Project 2015

The recent Ebola crisis further heightened the need for safe, clean water in the premises of the Ivor Leigh Memorial School. The traditional source for water was from streams, lakes and ponds, which put the children at risk from waterborne diseases. It was clear that a permanent water supply for the children was critical, both for washing and drinking.

Our wonderful supporters rallied round with donations and fundraising events, and we were able to send the funds across for two water tanks – one to be used for washing, and one for drinking water – which are now in place in the school. The school is now able to harvest water during the rainy season, which would have been wasted before.

The new water supply is making a huge difference to the children – they are enjoying their physical activity much more with water ‘on tap’ to quench their thirst, and the availability of washing water is encouraging good hygiene practice.