The Founder

Rita Edmond

Rita Edmond

MSc Organisation and Community Development
International Community Development Practitioner
Associate Director International Centre for Community Development
Founder, Community Empowerment Support Organisation (CESO)
Trustee, Hull Afro Caribbean Association
Executive Member, Freetown Society (HULL)

Rita lives in London and is actively involved in her local community (The Silwood Community). She is the Chair of her local community tenants and resident association. She also serves as the volunteer community engagement officer of her local church which is in the heart of the community supporting both the church and the community to work alongside each other in building a thriving community.

Rita has set up a Friends of Silwood Community Group which consists of other Community Development Practitioners who shares the same values and principles of community development.

Rita works with Schools, Colleges and Universities, Community Based Organisations in the UK, Sierra Leone, and other areas where her expertise are needed.

Rita has also accompanied staff and students from various educational establishments to work on her community projects in Sierra Leone. Students have also benefitted from the projects by using them as a case study.

Rita’s aim is to continue engaging, empowering and educating communities on issues pertaining to Community Development in order for them to reach their highest potentials and to bring about the changes we want to see in our communities but more-so be the change we want to see.