An Evening of Spice

3/9/2022 Events

Our first event of 2022 was awesome. If you weren't there you missed a treat, but don't worry we're already planning our next event.

"I haven't laughed this much in ages."

"I had so much fun! When's the next one?"

Over 40 guests braved a cold, wet March evening, they were met with a warm environment, an introductory game that got everyone up and mingling as well as hot spicy food to warm their cockles.

Our hosts St Mark's Church were amazing in creating a warm, inviting ambiance and Steve the vicar was a charming MC - we are very grateful.

Between games, laughter, food and great music we were told about the importance of games and play in education, particularly early eduction.

We learned about health matters affecting school children and the wider community in Kaningo.  We were told about the structure of the building as well as its maintenance.  We learned about the future plans for  the school and community in Kaningo.

Many guests pledged support you can do that through the PayPal donate button above. 

If just ten of you were to commit to £7.50 a month until March 2023 that would cover one salary. £7.50 doesn't buy much - perhaps lunch, but it would mean a huge amount to the teacher you help to support.  Or if you could make a one of payment of £75 that would pay a teacher for one month. 

Of course we appreciate any amount that you can spare.  

We are very grateful for your continued support.

Watch this space for the next event in June!