Ilms Lunch


The Ivor Leigh Memorial School new building was opened in September 2011.

It is a fabulous achievement and this could not have been done without our supporters’ generous donations.

Since the new school opened, the children have achieved some of the best exam results in the area, and are thriving in their new environment.

The new building is now also the hub of the community, and is being used for community events when the school is closed. It is also being used for secondary school classes in the afternoon for some of the school’s former pupils who have limited access to a secondary education elsewhere.

The school does not receive any funding from the Education Department in Sierra Leone. Most pupils are able to pay a small fee to attend the school, and scholarships are provided by CESO for those whose parents are unable to contribute. A donation of £5 per month would pay the school fees of a child from a disadvantaged family.