We engage, educate and empower.
We engage, educate and empower.

CESO Projects

CESO is a UK-based charity using education as a means to work towards eradicating poverty in Sierra Leone.

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CESO works with Schools, Colleges and Universities, Charity Organisations, Community Based Organisations In the UK and in Sierra Leone. Find out more about CESO Projects


Action for schools have sent engineers to repair the water tank that was destroyed in the recent floods.

Where is Sierre Leone

Sierra Leone is a small country on the west coast of Africa.  Boasting of the first University in West Africa Fourah Bay College, sadly it is more widely known in it's demise, a brutal civil war, a huge ebola outbreak and more recently floods and landslides.  These setbacks pushing it way down on the poverty list despite the country being rich in diamonds and minerals.

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