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Annual Report

Our Annual Report

We have worked hard this year to accomplish the goals that we set out in November 2022, which included working more in the UK and helping the Ivor Leigh Memorial School to start it's journey towards self sufficiency. Read about how we did this and much more in our annual report.

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Find out more about our individual projects by clicking on the links below. These are not all of our projects but our top three at the moment.

Ivor Leigh Memorial School

CESO has been instrumental in developing this school from the building to employing teachers. Now the school is making strides towards independece we're playing a more supportive role.

At Work
Youth Mentoring Programme

We are working with young people who have attended the school to reach their potential through mentoring. Helping them to acheive their business, work or further education goals.

Eat Well to Stay Well

Giving older people a place to exercise once a week, helps combat loneliness immobility as well as encoraging healthy eating for optimum health. Participants get the chance to speak to a nutritionist after the exercise class over a light lunch.